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Ample Organics, a significant figure in the legalized cannabis industry, has successfully carved out a substantial market share, serving over 70% of the Canadian market. They have achieved this through their innovative seed-to-sale software platform, a tool that has transformed the tracking and management of cannabis production and sales processes. STS, as a partner in their journey, has provided crucial support in enhancing software quality assurance, aligning with the dynamic changes that characterize the cannabis industry. This collaboration has contributed to Ample Organics' recognition as the 19th fastest growing company in Canada by The Globe and Mail in 2019, marking them as a major contender in the rapidly evolving cannabis landscape.


Ample Organics


Empowering Agile Development: Enhancing Quality and Speed with Tailored QA Solutions


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Navigating the Roadblocks: Challenges Faced

As in any industry, the path to success is rarely smooth. For Ample Organics, three key challenges stood out:

In-house Quality Assurance Conundrum

The complexities of maintaining an in-house quality assurance team were taking a toll on their ambition to provide a smooth, quality-driven product delivery.

Transparency in Tracking

The monumental task of meticulously tracking, managing, and reporting every stage of cannabis growth, production, and sales processes on their seed-to-sale platform was burdended with potential pitfalls.

Navigating a Dynamic Industry

The fast pace and regulatory volatility of the legalized cannabis industry demanded rapid adaptation and continual evolution from this ambitious start-up.

Understanding these challenges was the first step. STS then focused on delivering solutions that were tailored to these unique circumstances.



Crafting the Blueprint: Our Solution

STS stepped in with a three-pronged approach:

Tailored Software QA Process

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Ample Organics' current approach, recommending and implementing a tailored Software Quality Assurance process specific to the organization's needs.

Expertise Integration

We deployed a team of trained professionals who could integrate rapidly and contribute immediate, impactful solutions.

Flexible and Iterative Approach

In line with the dynamic environment of a start-up, we adopted a flexible, iterative approach that enabled constant adaptation and improvement.

This solution-oriented approach not only addressed the challenges at hand but also set the stage for remarkable results.



Fruits of Collaboration: Achieved Results

Our partnership with Ample Organics has yielded significant outcomes:

Quality Objectives Surpassed

We exceeded the established quality objectives, fostering improved operational efficiency and superior product delivery.

Significant Cost and Time Efficiency

Our strategic approach led to significant cost and time savings, giving Ample Organics a competitive edge in the fast-paced cannabis industry.

Streamlined QA Management

We eliminated the complexities of managing an in-house quality assurance team, providing a relief from associated headaches and constraints.

In essence, our collaboration with Ample Organics has been a testament to what a focused partnership can achieve. As we reflect on our journey, we look forward to supporting their continued success in revolutionizing the cannabis industry. As John X. Prentice, the former President and CEO of Ample Organics, aptly said, "We've found a partnership in STS that allows us to exceed our quality objectives with a fully integrated team of professionals. This has saved us cost, time, and, of course, many headaches."

Ample Organics began with an in-house quality assurance team and the headaches that go along with it. We've found a partnership in STS that allows us to exceed our quality objectives with a fully integrated team of professionals. This has saved us cost, time, and, of course, many headaches.

John X. Prentice, Former President and CEO, Ample Organics

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