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STS can help your team reduce time it takes to get changes through from your development team into production while ensuring the highest quality testing standards are applied




Our QA professionals are experienced with creating QA processes for organizations that have established different methodologies. Regardless of the infrastructure, methodology or framework STS can quickly adapt and setup a QA process that works for you. 

We've helped many clients accelerate software delivery while aligning to the following methodologies: 


  • Agile Software Development

    • Scrum

    • Kanban

    • XP

  • DevOPS

Our team understands that in order to keep up with a rapid product delivery approach of a CI/CD pipeline we need to incorporate a CT (Continuous Testing) approach by introducing automation as an integral part of our test strategy. 

Our holistic Continuous Testing approach has helped many clients avoid: 

  • Bottlenecks

  • Incomplete Feature/ Product Delivery

  • Limited Test Coverage

  • Missed Deadlines

  • Production Defects

Let STS partner with your DevOps team to come up with the best approach to incorporate testing as part of your software delivery pipeline.

DevOps & Agile Testing

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