A Customized QA Process

Just For You...

Because everyone's needs are different

Define QA Processes

A good QA process can help accelerate delivery cycles, increase team productivity and improve customer satisfaction. STS can help you establish these processes using industry best practices while adhering to compliance or regulatory requirements. 


We begin by reviewing your existing processes, documentation techniques, existing regression and automation suites. After analyzing your foundation, we identify areas of improvement, propose a timeline for business deliverables and our team gets to work. Our initial assessments come with a 30-60-90 Day Plan carefully drafted to suit your organizations' needs. 

As we create QA artifacts we will review them with you on a regular basis in order to ensure that our process is fully transparent and the channels of communication remain open. We create our artifacts to be flexible and adaptive in order to align with your software delivery strategy and technical needs.

Once the QA process is finalized we will incorporate it in your existing software delivery pipeline. Our processes will ensure your deliverables are met and that the best possible product is provided to your customers.

Our QA professionals have over 15 years of experience implementing QA processes for organizations in the Financial, Cannabis, Telecommunications, Mobile Payments and other industries.  


Let STS be your partner in achieving best in industry QA process for your organization.



  • Determine Clients Needs

  • Determine Scope of Work

  • Determine Resource Allocation

  • Assess Resource Capabilities

  • Explore Opportunities to Automate

  • Provide Meaningful Feedback


  • Prioritize Testing Activities

  • Review Existing QA Artifacts

  • Evaluate Risk and Limitations

  • Estimate Resource Allocation

  • Create a Plan (30-60-90 Day)

  • Review with Stakeholders


  • Assign Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop Testing Strategies

  • Alignment on Deliverable

  • Assemble QA Team