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Our Take on Quality Assurance

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

New to our website? STS is now introducing the addition of articles and blogs to help people understand the importance of improving software through the software development lifecycle.

Welcome to Team STS Blogs!

Welcome to our very first blog! My name is Jonathan and I am the co-founder of STS. We are a software consulting company that provides IT solutions to clients all across North America. From helping start up companies implement software quality assurance processes to improving already existing processes in small to large scale companies, we've done it all!

Our team has over 20 years of experience and our mission with these blogs is simple; to help individuals understand the importance of quality and the significant role that quality assurance teams play in the software development life cycle. We will do this by providing articles and blogs around the following topics:

  • How to navigate through the latest tools used in the software IT industry

  • List based blogs covering the latest information

  • Our approach on everything and anything related to software quality assurance

  • Tutorial videos and step-by-step posts on becoming a 5 star professional in the QA world

As mentioned earlier, this is my very first blog and I am super excited to be able to share my knowledge and expertise on software testing and quality assurance practices. Now that you know what we're bringing to the table, let us begin!

What is Quality?

So.. what is quality? While it's hard to define, here at STS our team understands the importance of quality and the part it plays in software products. Quality in the IT industry is the idea of providing a software service and/or component that meets the needs and expectations of a customer. When you have quality in a product, you have fulfilled the customers business requirements and as a result, you have increased their product reliability.

What is Assurance?

Now that we know what quality is, what is assurance? According to, assurance is "a positive declaration intended to give confidence." In the software industry assurance is given to customers by delivering a throughly tested product or service on time and with all requirements met.

Now.. What is Quality Assurance in the Software Industry?

Quality assurance in the software industry is the idea of adhering to industry best processes and being able to deliver a product and/or service to customers with full on confidence that quality will be thought of from start to finish. When proper processes are followed by a company, the products and services that are delivered are generally completed with higher quality.

At STS, we provide you with these processes to help improve your product reliability and company trustworthiness. Our approach on quality assurance is process-driven and simply created to be able to help you define your goals regarding your product design, development and production.

Thank you for taking the time to read our take on quality assurance. We are looking forward to helping the software industry understand why it's so important to include quality assurance in your company from the beginning. Let this blog be the first of many, bye for now!

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