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Trying to save money by cutting corners in Software Development can exponentially increase costs of fixing production issues. STS's proven methods can help you avoid these costly mistakes

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Using the latest tools and techniques, our team of QA experts will help you test your product on time and on budget while adhering to industry standard best practices.

Establish QA Processes

We can provide our expert advice on how to improve your existing QA processes or help define QA processes for your organization

Mobile Testing

We can test your product on a wide array of mobile devices using the latest technology and tools available in the market

Automation Testing

We can work with you to formulate a solid automation test strategy that will allow you to expand your testing coverage while reducing cost

Dev OPS & Agile Testing

We can adapt our testing methodology to align with your existing CI/CD delivery pipeline

Manual Testing

We can perform the manual or E2E testing of your product to ensure that it meets your business needs and exceeds the customer expectations

Performance Testing

We can run performance tests against your software to determine the speed, responsiveness and stability of your product to ensure that it meets industry standards

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