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Nearshore like Never Before With STS

Outsourced testing services are part of our all-encompassing approach, and you can count on us to deliver a solution tailored to meet the requirements of your business.

Why staff argumentation?

By outsourcing software testing services to STS, your company will have an extended pool of talented resources that will transform and scale your QA process, ensuring delivery of quality software.

Scalable Solutions

We'll first evaluate your company's goals, strategy, and challenges, enabling us to identify team members best suited for your software testing and QA requirements.

Cost Savings

A balanced team of skilled professionals from you to choose from at a price point that works best for you. Our outsources services reduce your overall operational costs while your company grows in revenue.

Flexibility & Adaptability

We test your product on many mobile devices to ensure that it delivers a seamless experience. With our approach, not only will your product look great but it will also perform at its best.

Reaching Deliverables On Time

We understand what it takes to deliver high-quality service in a timely manner. Our outsourced software testing solutions help reduce launch time, boost company productivity, and deliver better software.

Talent Resource Expansion

Gain instant access to a pool of talented QA and software testing professionals.  With access to a wide range of highly specialized and technical teams, you can accelerate the maturity of your QA process and easily execute your projects.

A process that delivers results

Gain instant access to a pool of talented QA and software testing professionals.



We will first discuss and evaluate your company's goals, strategy, and challenges. This enables us to identify team members who are best suited to your technical and strategic requirements.



We will select and send over the individuals best suited to meet the needs of your company from our pool of highly competent resources.



You can interview the chosen resources to see if they are a good fit for your company. Choose the resources that will immediately improve the quality of your team.



We will ramp up your resources and ensure that they are ready to go from the start. To begin, we'll establish a channel of communication to kick off introductions, objectives, and deliverables!

"Ample Organics began with an in-house quality assurance team, and the headaches that go along with it. We've found a partnership in STS that allows us to exceed our quality objectives with a fully integrated team of professionals. This has saved us cost, time, and, of course, many headaches"


John X. Prentice

President & CEO, Ample Organics

Roles & services

Our outsourced software testing services are designed to maintain a consistent level of quality and provide full test coverage using the most up-to-date testing tools.

E2E Testing Services

  • Desktop, Mobile and Web application testing

  • Functional testing

  • Usability testing

  • Accessibility testing

  • Test automation

Roles & Responsibilities

  • QA Managers

  • QA Leads

  • QA Analysts

  • QA Testers

  • QA Automation Engineers

Testing Methodologies & Support

  • QA Consulting

  • Full cycle QA support

  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

  • Waterfall Methodology

  • Test Automation

Staff augmentation with STS

Choose from our various options or contact our team of experts. We'll assist you in determining the best software testing staff augmentation option for your company.


Choose this option if you need to conduct all of your testing in Canada. Avoid the different time zones, communication barriers, and regional challenges that come with offshore testing.

Time zone compatibility

Efficient problem solcing

Effective communication

Minimal cultural difference

Lower security risks


When you want to test in countries with similar time zones, this is an option. Leave the day-to-day communication and task deliverables to us; you can rely on us to provide you with end-of-day reports for each resource assigned to your projects!

Affordable cost

Shared time zones

Similar cultures

Better and frequent communication

Extended talent pool


With this choice, we'll assist you in establishing a successful QA process, increasing the test automation rate, and integrating testing into your CI/CD. An option that balances your QA team and brings forward a team with diverse skill sets focused on providing quality services.

Managed QA services

A well balanced team with diverse skill sets

Extensive knowledge

Increased efficiency 

  • What makes functional testing an integral part of software development?
    Functional testing is an integral part of software development as it ensures that the software performs its intended functions correctly, meeting user requirements. This leads to improved user satisfaction, product quality, and lower maintenance costs.
  • How does your functional testing process align with Agile methodologies?
    Our functional testing process aligns with Agile methodologies by facilitating regular and thorough testing during each sprint. This allows us to ensure the functionality of new features and improvements while enabling us to adapt to changes rapidly.
  • What types of defects can functional testing identify and help rectify?
    Functional testing can identify a wide variety of defects, such as user interface functionality issues, problems with software functions, errors in data handling, and inaccuracies in the implementation of business logic or rules.
  • What tools and technologies are used in your functional testing services?
    We employ a variety of tools for functional testing including Selenium, JIRA, QuickTest Professional (QTP), and TestComplete. These tools automate the process of functional testing, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • How does your functional testing process ensure that the software aligns with the specified requirements?
    Our functional testing process verifies and validates each function of the software application against the specified requirements. By comparing actual functionality with expected outputs for given inputs, we ensure that the software meets the desired criteria.

Choose from our outsourcing options

Book a call with our team to identify which outsourcing option works best for you

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