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Mobile Testing on Contemporary Devices

Equipped with the latest devices and hardware, we ensure your product is platform-agnostic


Our Mobile Testing Services

STS assesses your mobile app for functionality, usability, visual appeal, and consistency on thousands of real iOS and Android devices.

Mobile App Functional Testing

Connectivity Testing (BT)

Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile App Usability Testing

Mobile App Localization Testing

Our team employs state-of-the-art tools that help test your solution on a broad array of mobile devices with different operating systems and varying versions.


Using the Following to Maximize Your Test Coverage

Our team employs state-of-the-art tools that help test your solution on a broad array of mobile devices with different operating systems and varying versions.





Android Studio



Device farms

Our Approach to Mobile Testing

We provide comprehensive testing on a wide range of mobile devices to ensure that your product delivers a seamless mobile experience. With our approach, your mobile app not only looks great but also performs at its best.



Our team will review your specifications, as well as the scope and level of effort required to complete your project.



We suggest a plan of action and schedule testing activities with your team for the duration of the project's lifecycle. We also ensure that our team provides adequate device coverage based on your project requirements, targeting regions and audiences based on current trends.



Once we have buy-in, we will get to work on creating test artifacts to set the groundwork for your project.



We'll execute our tests, write defects, and assign them to the appropriate team members. At STS, we never test to pass!



Our top priorities are communication and traceability, thus we ensure to keep you informed of the status of your project at every phase.

Integrating Mobile App Automation into Your Test Strategy

As mobile device usage grows, so does the time spent on it. As a result, ensuring that your application is always usable is critical to maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

While manual testing is essential for the new features you build, mobile test automation is critical for maintaining existing functionality. A robust automation test strategy offers the following benefits:

Mobile App Functional Testing

By establishing a solid automation framework, your team will be able to deploy faster, reducing your time to market.

Enhance Workflow Efficienies

Allow your team to concentrate on your core business goals by automating recurring and monotonous tasks.

Precise tests

Running a repetitive test manually increases the possibility of human error. Scripts are executed on demand and consistently with automation.

Cost Effectiveness

Invest in your future; automating can speed up your execution. If properly implemented, test cases can be executed in minutes, saving significant time and effort.

Mobile Test Automation Tools and Technologies

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  • What makes functional testing an integral part of software development?
    Functional testing is an integral part of software development as it ensures that the software performs its intended functions correctly, meeting user requirements. This leads to improved user satisfaction, product quality, and lower maintenance costs.
  • How does your functional testing process align with Agile methodologies?
    Our functional testing process aligns with Agile methodologies by facilitating regular and thorough testing during each sprint. This allows us to ensure the functionality of new features and improvements while enabling us to adapt to changes rapidly.
  • What types of defects can functional testing identify and help rectify?
    Functional testing can identify a wide variety of defects, such as user interface functionality issues, problems with software functions, errors in data handling, and inaccuracies in the implementation of business logic or rules.
  • What tools and technologies are used in your functional testing services?
    We employ a variety of tools for functional testing including Selenium, JIRA, QuickTest Professional (QTP), and TestComplete. These tools automate the process of functional testing, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • How does your functional testing process ensure that the software aligns with the specified requirements?
    Our functional testing process verifies and validates each function of the software application against the specified requirements. By comparing actual functionality with expected outputs for given inputs, we ensure that the software meets the desired criteria.

Incorporate a Holistic Mobile Testing Approach with STS

We perform end-to-end, functional, security, compatibility, and usability testing services across different mobile devices.

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