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Is QA Consulting necessary for your business? Our consulting approach is specialized and designed to fit a variety of industries.

A Unique Consulting Experience


Situations Where a Software QA Consultant Is Necessary

Imperfections in production

Lack of in-house QA expertise

Inefficient QA process

Inefficient QA process.png

Clients discovering issues

Client discovering issues.png

Resourcing issues

Resourcing issues.png

Extended development life cycles

Lengthy development cycles.png
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The dedication they have shown to project success - owning not only their share, but more in the process has been examplary. Even when there are crunches in time and deadlines, team STS brings smiles and joy into those late night jams that keep not only the project, but the larger team in stead.

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The STS Step by Step QA Consultant Approach

Discovery & Planning

  • Review and ramp-up to current framework, processes and standard operating procedures

  • Determine the scope of work and resource allocation

  • Evaluate process risks and limitations

  • Setup communication funnels with key stakeholders

Audit & Assessment

  • Assess the current release/sprint scope

  • Prioritize deliverables and current testing activities

  • Review existing QA artifacts

  • Identify and plan proven and emerging technologies that fit the organizations' needs

  • Provide best practice solutions on the next steps (after we receive approval!)

Implementation & Execution

  • Implement the proposed solutions

  • Monitor and assist with the process implementation

  • Implement the emerging technologies that best support business goals

  • Introduce teams to the newly implemented processes

  • Prevent and address any emerging issues

STS offers a unique consulting experience for businesses, by delivering the finest software quality assurance. Our mission is to provide quality coupled with ingenuity, innovation, and creativity.
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The Best Consultants in the Business

With over 15 years in the software industry, STS has helped companies evaluate and enhance their QA processes, design new processes from scratch using best practices while adhering to compliance or regulatory requirements.

15 years of experience in providing top notch quality assurance services

200+ projects delivered to satisfied customers

20+ happy clients and counting


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