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Functional Testing Services for Optimal Software Performance

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Our expert QA professionals ensure your software meets all functional requirements, providing efficient test cycles and excellent customer experiences.

Functional Testing gives you confidence that your product

Meets requirement


Is device


Provides an optimal user experience across different browsers

Is testable by the end user

Is ready to be used
in the real world 


Continuous Functional Testing Support Through All SDLC Phases

Our expert QA professionals provide functional testing services, skilled in Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe methodologies, ensuring your software meets every functional requirement. We can assist you with any of the following:

System Functional Testing

Our comprehensive System Functional Testing process ensures all integrated components of your software system behave as per the specified requirements, guaranteeing seamless operation and enhanced user satisfaction.

Smoke Testing

Our efficient Smoke Testing services provide an initial validation that your software's key functionalities are performing correctly, allowing for further, more detailed testing phases to proceed with confidence.

Integration Testing

Our professional Integration Testing methods help identify defects in the interactions between integrated components or the system as a whole, thus ensuring a smooth, error-free software experience for your users.

Exploratory Testing

Our innovative Exploratory Testing approach employs cognitive insights to gain a deep understanding of your software's unique features and the end-user's behavior, thereby providing a broadened perspective and more in-depth coverage of the test.

Regression Testing

Our thorough Regression Testing ensures that new features or changes have not adversely impacted the existing functionalities of your software, guaranteeing continued software reliability over time.

User Acceptance Testing

Our meticulous User Acceptance Testing evaluates software from the user's perspective, ensuring its ability to meet business and functional needs while determining its readiness for release to the market.

Profiency in every methodology 







Continuous Software Testing Support Through All Development Phases

STS recognizes the essential role of functional testing in software development, aiming to expedite your software's development life cycle and augment the end-user experience. Our custom-tailored processes are guided by a strategic approach, including:

01. Software Requirements Analysis

Our process initiates with a detailed project scope determination. A comprehensive analysis of all project artifacts is conducted, gathering all requirements from business stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure a solid foundation for your software development.

02. Test Strategy Formulation

With a clear understanding of the requirements, we formulate a test strategy document encapsulating project details, business requirements, and the testing approach to be employed, streamlining the path towards software quality assurance.

03. Test Environment Setup

We prioritize establishing a test environment that mirrors the real-world product for accurate quality and behavior feedback. This pivotal step ensures the application's consistent performance in testing and production scenarios.

04. Test Case Creation

We concentrate on generating test cases that encompass the project's functional requirements. Our experts guide on writing lucid, efficient test cases for manual testing that can be later integrated into your regression baseline.

05. Test Case Execution

As a feature becomes ready for QA, we execute the test cases against the software, ensuring it aligns with the predetermined requirements and specifications, and upholding software quality standards.

06. Defect Identification & Reporting

While executing our test cases, we utilize our standard defect analysis process to spot and document any faulty behaviors in your product, contributing to improved software reliability.

07. Identification & Prioritization of Business-Impacting Defects

In this phase, we identify and rank defects based on their business impact. The higher the business impact, the higher the priority, ensuring that critical issues are reviewed and resolved promptly, maintaining software performance.

08. Providing Testing metrics

You can count on us for comprehensive testing metrics that measure and track all testing activities throughout the process. With a strong emphasis on communication and traceability, we keep you apprised of your project's status at each stage, enhancing the software testing transparency.

A Comprehensive Solution for All Your Software Testing Needs

At STS, we assure seamless functionality across a plethora of browsers and devices by combining manual testing with robust cross-browser and cross-device testing. We are equipped to address diverse testing requirements with our state-of-the-art hardware and advanced software testing tools.

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Web Applications

Our expert team is proficient in ensuring the functionality, usability, and security of web applications, assuring optimal user experience and performance across multiple browsers and platforms.


Desktop Applications

We guarantee the stability and efficiency of desktop applications by identifying and rectifying potential bugs and defects, ensuring seamless user experience on various operating systems.


Mobile Applications

From iOS to Android, we deliver comprehensive mobile application testing services that cover functionality, usability, performance, and security, ensuring a flawless user experience on every device.


System Hardware

We verify the performance and compatibility of system hardware, ensuring its ability to support software applications, thus enhancing overall system efficiency and reliability.

  • What makes functional testing an integral part of software development?
    Functional testing is an integral part of software development as it ensures that the software performs its intended functions correctly, meeting user requirements. This leads to improved user satisfaction, product quality, and lower maintenance costs.
  • How does your functional testing process align with Agile methodologies?
    Our functional testing process aligns with Agile methodologies by facilitating regular and thorough testing during each sprint. This allows us to ensure the functionality of new features and improvements while enabling us to adapt to changes rapidly.
  • What types of defects can functional testing identify and help rectify?
    Functional testing can identify a wide variety of defects, such as user interface functionality issues, problems with software functions, errors in data handling, and inaccuracies in the implementation of business logic or rules.
  • What tools and technologies are used in your functional testing services?
    We employ a variety of tools for functional testing including Selenium, JIRA, QuickTest Professional (QTP), and TestComplete. These tools automate the process of functional testing, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • How does your functional testing process ensure that the software aligns with the specified requirements?
    Our functional testing process verifies and validates each function of the software application against the specified requirements. By comparing actual functionality with expected outputs for given inputs, we ensure that the software meets the desired criteria.

Ensure your software performs optimally under real-world conditions with STS's Functional Testing Services.

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