Let us integrate all of your processes into a safe, secure testing framework. We'll free up the time, so you can produce an even better product, on time and within budget

Let's get your testing


Our Test Automation Engineers can help you define a solid automation strategy with the goal of:

Achieving a better quality product

Expand your testing coverage

Reduce time to market 

Release to market before the competition

The first step of the process is to review your existing automation strategy, any scripts or framework in order to determine reusability.  We will then work with you in order to identify functional areas for automation.  Our team of test automation engineers will then get to work on automating your existing manual test cases.  

We will provide regular updates on the progress of automation as well as schedule demos to showcase areas that have been automated.

Let STS partner with you to automate your solution in order to produce better software, faster.

Test Automation

Regardless of tool preference, our automation specialists have you covered...

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