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Software can't be developed in a bubble...

STS provides robust performance testing services that assess your software's responsiveness, stability, and scalability under real-world workloads. Let's optimize your platform together.

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Why Performance Testing?

Performance testing is a systematic evaluation method for software systems. At STS, we scrutinize crucial KPIs to identify gaps and rectify errors, ensuring your software functions optimally. Our performance testing includes analysis of:

User Capacity

Response Times

Load Handling Capability

Bytes per second


Our performance testing services offer a comprehensive assessment of your software's responsiveness, stability, scalability, reliability, speed, and resource usage. We ensure your software delivers optimal performance under varying loads and conditions.

Types of Performance Testing at STS

We offer a range of performance testing services to ensure your system's stability and optimal operation under anticipated stress. These include:

Load testing

We simulate high user loads to determine how your system performs under peak usage conditions.

Spike Testing

We test your system's resilience against sudden surges in user requests to ensure it can handle traffic spikes.

Stress Testing

Our stress tests probe your system's upper limits, identifying any potential weak points under extreme load conditions.

Volume testing

We test your software's performance in handling large data volumes, validating your system's storage capacity.

Scability testing

Our tests assess your software's scalability, focusing on non-functional attributes such as performance and reliability.

Endurance testing

We evaluate your application's endurance by subjecting it to sustained loads over extended periods, checking for potential memory issues.

Benefits of performance testing

Experience improved software performance, reduced server response times, efficient performance monitoring, faster time to market, and lower operational costs with our performance testing services.

Optimized performance

Reduced Server Response Times

Efficient performance monitoring

Reduce time to market and Operational Costs

Lower your operational costs

Our Performance Testing Approach and Deliverables

Our unique approach begins with a discovery session to understand your needs and select the right tools. Our expert team then integrates our performance testing services through a six-step process:


Discovery Session

  • Determining the scope of work

  • Identifying high-level testing environment needs


Analysis & Planning

  • Identifying the tool that best aligns with your software

  • Coming up with a performance testing team

  • Identifying high-level scenarios

  • Analyzing if there are any additional non-functional requirements


Environment & Infrastructure Setup

  • Configuring the testing environment to be used for performance testing

  • Creating guidelines and procedures for dealing with test data

  • Establishing a testing schedule


Design Test Plans & Creating Test Cases

  • Determining the business processes needed to produce deliverables

  • Pinpointing performance test metrics and acceptance criteria

  • Creating a variety of scenarios and developing performance test scripts


Monitoring & Test Execution

  • Executing performance scripts

  • Monitoring the performance scripts


Reporting and Analysis

  • Organizing, analyzing, and communicating test results

  • Examining areas for improvement and rerunning tests that result in an increase or decrease in performance.


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  • What makes functional testing an integral part of software development?
    Functional testing is an integral part of software development as it ensures that the software performs its intended functions correctly, meeting user requirements. This leads to improved user satisfaction, product quality, and lower maintenance costs.
  • How does your functional testing process align with Agile methodologies?
    Our functional testing process aligns with Agile methodologies by facilitating regular and thorough testing during each sprint. This allows us to ensure the functionality of new features and improvements while enabling us to adapt to changes rapidly.
  • What types of defects can functional testing identify and help rectify?
    Functional testing can identify a wide variety of defects, such as user interface functionality issues, problems with software functions, errors in data handling, and inaccuracies in the implementation of business logic or rules.
  • What tools and technologies are used in your functional testing services?
    We employ a variety of tools for functional testing including Selenium, JIRA, QuickTest Professional (QTP), and TestComplete. These tools automate the process of functional testing, improving efficiency and accuracy.
  • How does your functional testing process ensure that the software aligns with the specified requirements?
    Our functional testing process verifies and validates each function of the software application against the specified requirements. By comparing actual functionality with expected outputs for given inputs, we ensure that the software meets the desired criteria.

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