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Enhancing QA Processes and Product Quality for Inkblot Therapy with STS's Advanced Software Testing Services.



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Inkblot Therapy, a leading digital mental health platform in Canada, sought to address significant challenges in its software QA department. They partnered with STS, a top software testing company, to improve product quality and streamline their development process.


Recognizing the critical role of robust QA in delivering a seamless user experience, Inkblot Therapy decided to address these challenges head-on. They partnered with STS, a renowned software QA company known for its structured, end-to-end QA processes and expert support. This collaboration aimed to enhance the platform's quality and streamline the development workflow, reinforcing Inkblot's commitment to superior service delivery.


Inkblot Therapy


Boosting Product Excellence Through QA Process Optimization


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Revitalizing QA: Overcoming Structure, Inefficiency, and Inconsistency Challenges for Inkblot Therapy

Despite Inkblot Therapy's pioneering work in digital mental health care, its software delivery quality was affected by a lack of structured QA processes and tools. STS, recognized for its high-quality software testing services, was chosen as a partner to transform its QA processes.

"At Inkblot, we were facing a lack of structure and tooling in our QA department. This resulted in a lack of quality in our product, causing a lot of backtracking when issues were found in production and often by customers."

Before partnering with STS, Inkblot Therapy's platform faced the following challenges:

Lack of structure and tooling

The QA department at Inkblot Therapy was unstructured, leading to inconsistent testing processes and low product quality.

Inefficient QA Processes

The inadequate processes in place led to issues being discovered during production, often by customers, causing delays and backtracking in the development process.

Inconsistent Delivery

The absence of standardized QA processes resulted in inconsistencies in the delivery of quality software.

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Recognizing the urgency of these challenges, Inkblot Therapy sought a partner with the expertise to transform their QA processes. This led them to STS, a company known for its exceptional software QA services. Let's explore the solutions STS provided and their impact on Inkblot Therapy.



Driving Transformation: Implementing an End-to-End QA Solution for Inkblot Therapy

STS provided Inkblot Therapy with an end-to-end software testing strategy, structured QA processes, and comprehensive documentation templates, contributing to the consistent delivery of quality software.

"STS provided templated solutions, from processes to documents, that enabled consistency in our delivery of quality software. These changes impacted everything from defect ticket writing to industry-standard release processes."

STS crafted a detailed strategy to address Inkblot Therapy's challenges:

End-to-End QA Process

STS guided the Inkblot Therapy QA team in understanding and implementing a comprehensive, end-to-end QA process, aiming to enhance efficiency and product quality.

Templated Solutions

STS offered templated solutions, including standardized processes and documents, to ensure consistency in the delivery of quality software. This approach improved all aspects of QA, from bug and defect ticket writing to industry-standard release processes.

Cross-Functional Influence

The consistent practices STS established in the QA department positively influenced other cross-functional groups to refine their processes, resulting in a more integrated and efficient development cycle.

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With STS's solutions in place, Inkblot Therapy began to see significant improvements in its QA processes and overall software quality. Let's explore the transformative results of this successful partnership.



Accelerating Growth and Efficiency: How STS Transformed Inkblot Therapy's QA Process

STS's comprehensive QA solution dramatically improved Inkblot Therapy's product quality and process efficiency, leading to a marked reduction in customer-discovered issues and a streamlined development process.

"STS helped our QA team understand what a true end-to-end QA process looked like, and how to get there step-by-step instead of all at once."

The partnership yielded substantial results, dramatically improving Inkblot Therapy's product and process:

Improved Product Quality

The implementation of STS's structured QA processes led to a significant improvement in product quality, reducing the number of issues discovered in production and by customers.

Enhanced Efficiency

The end-to-end QA process provided by STS streamlined Inkblot Therapy's development process, minimizing backtracking and enabling quicker product releases.

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Cross-Functional Influence

The assurance from STS's expert guidance boosted confidence in the quality of Inkblot Therapy's products. This allowed the team to focus on growth and key projects without worrying about missed cases or customer-discovered issues.

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Inkblot Therapy's advancements in product quality, process efficiency, and team confidence showcase the transformative power of a successful partnership. As we conclude this case study, let's reflect on how their collaboration with STS has not only improved their immediate operations but also set the stage for continued growth and success in the future.

“The STS team was instrumental in helping us accelerate the maturity of our QA function here at Inkblot. They partnered with our internal QA team to create documentation, implement processes, and drive the adoption of tools that allowed us to leverage their leadership to develop our own QA expertise. The STS team was thoroughly professional and communicative, got onboarded onto our projects at a phenomenal speed, and integrated with our team without challenges. STS is a first-rate partner for any product development team aiming to ship quality products to their clients!"

Yiwen VP of Product, Inkblot Therapy

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